KCAC Food Rescue Project

In partnership with Woolworths Kingsgrove.
KCAC is now involved in the food rescue program saving food from going into landfills and distributing it to communities and individuals in the local community.

Supported by KCAC staff and volunteers, grocery food items and vegetable are collected daily from the local Woolworths and taken to the community centre for distribution to the centre’s consumers and or people from the general public.
“This is a great way to help people engage and interact with each other, support a volunteer connectivity and help those who are vulnerable” says Anne Farah Hill KCAC CEO.

“We aim to build on this program to reach out to more suppliers in order that we may be able to reach out to more people who need this practical and much needed assistance especially during these hard and difficult times.”

Anyone interested in volunteering can also call the centre on 9150 7823.