Bequest Information Form

A bequest made in your Will is a way to provide financial support to help secure the work of the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre for years to come. For many people this is the most powerful and meaningful philanthropic contribution they will ever make.

This brochure will provide you with more information as you consider nominating the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre in your estate planning.

While many donors wish to remain anonymous, we encourage everyone who has included KCAC in their Will to notify us and become active members of our community.

The importance of writing a Will

A Will provides you the opportunity to direct how your estate is to be distributed amongst those individuals and organisations that are most important to you. In the absence of a Will, the state decides who will receive your assets. A current and legal Will minimizes delays and expenses at a challenging time; creating a Will ensures your plans are fulfilled.

Information on adding a Bequest in your Will

We recommend all potential bequest donors discuss plans with family and friends, and seek independent legal advice.

Drafting a Bequest

You can choose to leave a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount or a residuary bequest. We have suggested the following organizational information and wording:
“I give and bequeath to the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre Incorporated, of 30 Morgan Street,
Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Australia, ABN 77 897 124 722:
a) All of my residuary estate, or
b) ……% of my residuary estate, or
c) The sum of $……
To be used for the general purposes of the entity at the discretion of the CEO and the Board.”
For more information please contact:

Anne Farah-Hill, OAM

Chief Executive Officer
(02) 9150 7823
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Sponsorship Program

Align your brand with a trusted and respected organisation, and contribute to the quality of services provided to the local community by the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre.

The development of our sponsorship program is a significant investment for KCAC and we undertake substantial due diligence before committing to a new sponsorship.

In return, we offer access to a high profile and trusted local brand, access to a wide membership base spanning across multiple demographics, and access to highly effective communication channels (print and electronic) and marketing capability through our flagship and major events.

Our sponsorship packages reflect the value of the significant marketing and promotional opportunities that KCAC is able to provide your organisation.
A sponsorship with KCAC provides your organisation with unique opportunities for building relationships with our member base, your customers and the broader community. Achieve your marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives and create inspiring experiences for your clients and staff.

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